Going on the Cloud

Muhammad Arshian
02 April, 2021

Cloud based software have gain remarkable recognition in all genres of life i.e surveillance and Cloud ERP (enterprise resource planning) being some of the top notch fields to adapt this technology. Even after this world wide sprawl and immense utility, common users don’t know much about the Cloud software and its meaning and usage is widely misunderstood.

A “cloud bases Software” is the one that that runs at a single server and is used by many users at a time remotely. Thus to generalize it a bit a software that runs remotely via internet is called a Cloud based software. A cloud based software is run at multiple platforms and level simultaneously. Front end side is run at the browser of the user device, while back end is run at the server connected to the database server shared by all the users of the software.

The need of internet to run the software could be a reasonable differentiation between the two but the this is not enough to categorize a software into any of these. The main difference between the cloud software and the onprem software is the location at which the software is being run. Onprem solutions have software installed at the same device they’re being used at but in cloud system the software is being run at a remote device and being accessed via Internet.

Benefits of Cloud based systems?

Cloud bases systems have many benefits over the previously used on premises solutions.

  • Cost Effectiveness
    Cloud based software’s have lesser capital and running costs than Onprem Solutions as no hardware (servers) are needed to be purchased and installed. Hence no IT experts are required as well to maintain them. Lot of licenses are needed to be bought as well to make Onprem servers secure. This cost is also avoided in case of cloud based software’s.   This makes it much easier on pocket to get and keep the system.
  • Accessibility
    Remote real-time data access is by far one of the most important feature of Cloud based systems. The key data is accessible anywhere, anytime which makes any business’s operations and planning much realistic.
  • Data Security
    Data security is the biggest misconception about cloud based systems. Few years back, people tend to buy expensive data storage equipment to keep their data on premises for security purpose but this is not the case today. Cloud based servers are the most secure servers in the world today.   
  • Integrations
    Another beautiful aspect of cloud bases systems are their ability to integrate with other cloud based software. i.e A supply chain automation software like TradeUnleashed is easily Integrate able with logistic companies , ecommerce platforms like woo Commerce and Shopify and social media shops like Facebook shop and Instagram Shops.     
  • Scalability
    Cloud based software has made it very easy for businesses to scale. A business can resize easily without going thru the hassle and expensive replacement of servers and allied equipment. They can simply get a different subscription from the Cloud software service/SAAS provider.
  • Business Intelligence
    Business intelligence and business analytics are a major attraction of Cloud based Software. All the real-time data is readily available in the system and it is used to process and generate all kind of strategic data and reports, which are used to take key decisions about the systems more accurately.    
  • Support
    Cloud based systems require very less on Premises support hence by remote access 24/7 support can be guaranteed and experts are readily available to sort the issues arising during operations of the software.

Due to these extensive benefits and growth oriented features the whole world is shifting to cloud based software for business automation. Unfortunately, the small and medium business owners in Pakistan don’t have access to those costly software’s used by multinational companies. TradeUnleashed a Lahore based company has launched Cloud based automation software available for Pakistan market at very affordable prices with all the top notch features i.e. cloud based Supply chain ERP, Cloud Inventory Management System, Omni channel retail and whole solution a single window solution that does it all.  

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